19 september 2011

Last minute Living Statues sprint information

The Living Statues sprint is two days away. We're excited! Here is some last minute information to get a rolling start.


To have a good start we would recommend that all sprinters run the buildout located in:
Git url: git clone

Everyone who has signed up to the Coactivate page should have Git access to Plone (and thus this package) If you don’t, let me know

This is the buildout we’re using for development on Deco and

Also please make sure you have Git installed as Deco and are hosted on GitHub


As some of you may have seen on Twitter, we are planning to work in teams of 3 people. That way idea’s and knowledge (hopefully) is exchanged more easily. We have given teams a (web) colour and every team has a location. All this also makes it easier to coordinate what we work on, and to ask questions to people who are working on certain things.

The teams all have set locations which you can see on the “floorplan” and will be represented in the office.

Floorplan Living Statues 2011 Sprint


We have two webcams streaming live from the office. You can follow us at

We love code