Coen van der Kamp
Coen van der Kamp
21 juni 2021

Multi-language Wagtail websites with XLIFF

Wagtail XLIFF Translation is a package to export Wagtail website contents to XLIFF file format and back. It makes it possible to translate websites using professional translators and their translation tools.

"Screenshot of Wagtail XLIFF Translation upload"

Four Digits created and published Wagtail XLIFF Translation. You can find the package on PyPi, GitHub and read the documentation.

XLIFF stands for XML Localization Interchange File Format. This is a translation industry standard. It specifies elements and attributes extracted from the source content and stores the corresponding translation. With a website exported to XLIFF, a translator can concentrate on translating with his tools. A translator does not have to use the Wagtail admin.

Four Digits wrote Wagtail XLIFF Translation for Zumtobel Group and is used to translate the content of

Thank you Zumtobel Group for letting us open-source this software. Also, a big thank you to Lennard de Vries, who is the primary author. 👍

Enjoy Wagtail XLIFF Translation. If you need any help with a multi-language Wagtail website, additional tools, or anything Python, you may contact Four Digits.

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